iCAD desktop softver za CAD crtanje
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iCAD desktop softver za CAD crtanje


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Izvrsna alternativa AutoCADu


Carlson iCAD je povoljan CAD program koji radi s .dwg i .dgn datotekama i proizveden je da se uklopi u tvoju radnu liniju. iCAD omogućujekompletno CAD crtanje za izradu geodetskih i inženjerskih projekata.




  • 2D i 3D CAD paket
  • Radi s .dwg i .dgn datotekama
  • Baziran na  IntelliCAD® 10.0 engine
  • Carlson Software alati
  • Trajna licenca






• Open/Save .dwg, .dgn and .dxf files: Supports 2017 and earlier formats
• Import/Export: Transfer other format models including .pdf, .iges and .step
• Plot: Output to printers and PDF
• Google Earth: Import and Export KML/KMZ
• Civil 3D: Convert Civil 3D custom objects to standard CAD entities
• Xref: Manage external references
• Drawing Utilities: Functions include spell check and purge


• Clipboard: Copy and paste drawing entities
• Standard CAD Edits: Functions include move, copy, erase, offset, trim
• Text: Edit, resize, rotate and move text
• Polyline Utilities: Smooth, reduce, reverse and edit polylines
• Join Nearest: Create polylines from lines and arcs
• Image: Adjust quality and clip images


• Zoom: By window, center, extents
• 3D Viewer Window: 3D display of drawing entities with lighting controls
• Twist Screen: Set plan rotation for drawing display
• Display Order: Control display order for entities
• Layer Controls: Edit layer properties and display


• Standard CAD entities: Line, polyline, circle, rectangle, arc
• Text: Draw either regular Text or MText
• Symbols: Draw from the Symbol Library
• Hatch: Use Hatch Wizard or regular CAD Hatch
• Image: Supports many formats including .jpg, .tif, .sid, .png and .bmp
• Leader: Several leader styles plus option to draw labels
• Blocks: Includes Write Block and Insert
• 3D Solids: Draw objects like box and cylinder, and apply functions like Extrude and Union


• Drawing Inspector: Show tooltip of properties as move cursor over entities
• Entity Info: Pick entity to report layer, curve info, angle info or distance
• List: Report details of selected entities


• Options: Settings for CAD engine
• Symbol Library: Manage your collection of symbol drawings to insert
• Quick Keys: Define command line shortcut names for commands
• Toolbar Setup: Manage your toolbar layouts
• Object Snap: Set CAD screen pick snap modes
• Customize User Interface: control ribbons, menus and workspaces


• Angle/Distance: Commands to label bearing or azimuth and distance of lines
• Annotate Arc: Commands to label arc dimensions
• Areas: Commands to label areas defined by linework boundaries


System Requirements:
• Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista® are supported
• Both 32-bit and 64-bit processors are supported



Preuzmi brošuru u PDF formatu



Preuzmi DEMO iCAD